Sunday, May 1, 2011

Way past due!

So, I started back at work on March 1st and, as you can see, I haven't blogged since before that. Here's quick update on our lives.

Megs....Well, I'm back at work. (Full time) The night before my 1st day back, I put Keenan to bed and as I walked away I sobbed because I wouldn't be there to get him up the next morning. That first day was really hard, but I definitely feel that being back at work is good for me. I would love to be part time, and that is the goal once financially we're in a place to do that. What I really love is that Matt gets to watch Keenan the days I work. I don't know many dads that get to spend that much time with their new babies.

Matt....As I said earlier, he gets to watch Keenan the days I work and I must say, he is an AMAZING dad! I adore watching him with Keenan. He was terrified during my pregnancy about taking care of a baby, and you should see him now! He could change a diaper blind-folded! Right now he's doing some work for a judge downtown Portland the days I don't work. He got a stipend of money from the Law School for this, but it's primarily for experience right now. He took the Washington State BAR in Feb. and finds out shortly if he passed. He feels a lot of pressure, but I try to reassure him if he doesn't pass, it's really ok. "Brutal", is all I have to say about that test. I sometimes find myself very angry at the people who made this test and think it needs to be the most high pressured and ridiculously hard test.

Keenan....He keeps making us laugh, smile, and love him more every day! He has his two bottom front teeth and I love seeing them when he smiles. He started eating peas, carrots, and rice cereal. (not too fond of peas) He sits up on his own, and I wouldn't say crawls yet but definitely gets from point A to point B. (He's a mover!) He still sleeps through the night and usually takes 2 naps per day. Although, naptime is still a struggle, he "fights" falling asleep. My favorite things that he does right now is squeal and giggle when Matt tickles him and when he tries to whistle.

Opie....He continues to be a kind and patient dog and puts up with Keenan pulling on his hair now! Thankfully the weather is getting a little nicer so we go on more walks now and that's all I need to do to make his day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rolling Over!

Keenan now has 5 tricks:
1. Eating
2. Pooping
3. Sleeping
4. Smiling
5. Rolling over (from front to back)

Here he is rolling over........(this movie is about a month old, since that's how long it took me to figure out how to post it on my blog! Thanks for your help Megs!)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Keenan's first train ride

Keenan and I took the train from Portland to Bellingham last week. I realized my time on maternity leave is coming to an end and Matt didn't mind having some alone time to get some serious studying done for the BAR exam. I was a little anxious to do the trip alone, especially because Keenan is so active and doesn't like to just sit on your lap. So I tried my best to be well prepared and make the trip as smooth as possible. Keenan was doing great and then the minute we walked on the train into our car he started fussing. I quickly got his bottle ready, meanwhile the couple in front of me kept giving each other looks and saying they should find a different seat. All I could think was, this is going to be long train ride. (6 hours) Well, Keenan did "sort of" settle down, but I did end up walking the train several times. Thank goodness for Baby Bjorn! The highlight was walking through the dining car and letting this big group of ladies drinking their wine "ooohh and ahhhh" over Keenan. What a little charmer he is.
Well, my trip in Lynden was great. I got see Will and Inette (my uncle and aunt from California) and their daughter Alison with her daughter Indira. Joey came up for one night from Seattle and Keenan got to see his cousins again. (Carson and Ali) I also got to see long time friends Kristen, Maria, and Katy. It's so fun to see my parents with Keenan again, the last time they saw him was Christmas and they can't believe how much he's changed already. I love my family and I'm always sad to say goodbye. I'm glad to say that my trip back to Portland on the train went much smoother, and Keenan slept for 4 hours of the ride!
At the train depot

Keenan with Indira

Reading with Grandpa

Grandpa and Grandma making him laugh

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Marcelo and Keenan

Playing Settlers of Catan with Grandpa and Grandma

Playing with Uncle Mark

Love this picture!


Joey and Kat

Mother and son

My Grandma Jo's.

Ali and Carson loving their new Toy Story figures.


What a cute couple!
Me and Grandma Terpstra

Beautiful Decorations mom!

My boys

Opie the Reindeer!

Auntie Kat got to come down to Portland on the train from Seattle and stay with us for a few days. It was great having her down here. I only wish we lived closer. Keenan got to spend some quality time with his aunt too.

My mom loves to knit and makes the cutest clothes for Keenan. (I wish I took after her) I once tried to start knitting and it took me two years before I finally finished a scarf. The picture below Keenan is wearing one of her hats. When Matt put it on him he just screamed. (Sorry mom). So we took it off then tried again, and of course he screamed again. Eventually he gave in. Poor kid, the things I do to him just so he'll look cute!